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This course was written as an overview of the Web technologies, kind of "Jump Start" into the Web development. The purpose of this course is to give the basic understanding of how the things are working in the Web world from the technology point of view as well as to give the basic overview of the different technologies. The idea of this is not that you will learn how to use all of these technologies, but to help you understand the basics and find out where to start. The tutorial includes (although in some cases briefly) the following topics: History of the Web, What is URL, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Java, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), DHTML, Server-Side, Security, plus gives you some references where to look further.

About me: My name is Sergey Gribov, At my work in Compugen Inc. I was responsible for different Web projects and involved with Web technologies from 1994. I've created this course to help people in our company who is new to the Web technologies to kind of 'JumpStart' into it, but since many of my friends asked me to put it on the Web, so they can access it as well, I've made it available on my Web site, so the latest version of this course can be found at http://www.sergey.com/web_course/index.html.
Any comments and suggestions about this course can be send to sergey@sergey.com.

On the references page there are pointers to the places where you can find the detailed tutorials on all the technologies described in this course.

You can start from Contents page or go directly to the first chapter, which is Overview.

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