Tasks - module & application for the tasks / projects and time tracking

 This archive contains:
 - Tasks.pm - Perl module
 - application/* - Perl/Tk application which uses Tasks module

 Module to track the tasks / projects and time spend on
 each task.  This module allows to keep the hierarchical
 list of the tasks, including the time logs for every task.

 All information is saved in XML file.

    The installation of Tasks module is the same as you would install
 any perl module library, by running these commands:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

    To install the application, just copy the content of application/
 directory (e.g. to directory 'tasks') and run tasks.pl.
 Application saves the task list in file .tasks.xml in user's home
 directory, so before running it, please ether copy an example file
 'example.tasks.xml' as: cp application/example.tasks.xml ~/.tasks.xml
  or create a file with the following:

 Note, that tasks.pl uses some files from this directory, so if you want
 to copy this application to some standard directory you can ether just create
 a symbolic link or (if you insist on copying it) edit $BASEDIR in the begin
 of tasks.pl file


 Tasks.pm require XML::Parser module to be installed

 Application (tasks.pl) require Tk and Getopt::Std modules.

See POD doumentation in Tasks.pm (after installation, just use perldoc Tasks).

Questions, bug reports, useful code bits, and suggestions 
should just be sent to me at sergey@sergey.com

The latest version can be found on http://www.sergey.com/soft/Tasks/

Copyright 2001 by Sergey Gribov , all rights reserved.

Download the version: Tasks-1.3.tar.gz

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